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Rotary Involvement

The Rotary Club of Gravenhurst is very involved internationally with many excellent programmes to assist those in need in many countries around the world.   A major project that we have worked on for over 25 years along with the World Health Organization is the Eradication of Polio….The WHO recently announced that Indiahas now been removed from the polio endemic countries, leaving only 3 countries Afghanistan, Nigeri aand Pakistanwith cases reported.   This Polio Plus Programme has been a huge focus in all the Rotary clubs around the world with heart-warming results.

It is ongoing but with a very positive outlook towards complete eradication.


On a local note our club has been working with the youth of our town on a number of programmes focussing on our students.  RYLA (Rotary Youth for Learning) is in the works with a request for applications from students at GHS who are interested in this very rewarding weekend programme.


Recently a number of youth attended an “Adventure in High Tech”.  These students will now be recognized at one of our Monday meetings.  It is always a highlight of our meeting when students share with us their reaction and insights following their attendance at one of these programmes.  We heard that one student who was undecided as to his future is now enthusiastically focussing on High Tech – so great to hear !


Other Adventure Programmes (which we will report on later) include “Tourism” ,” Citizenship” and our ” Student of the Month”.  Our club is pleased to offer these and future  programmes to our local students.  We are very proud of them and they never fail to impress us.


In future columns we will focus on  more programmes that are presently in the works and one that we are excitedly working on for the interest of 18-30 year olds in our town.  We cannot do this alone and wish to thank our community for their continual support of our fundraising efforts

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