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Rotary Brat Booth Retires

Over the past 75 years our Rotary Club has sought to fundraise in many different ways.   One of our most successful, in community involvement and  in fun, has been our Rotary Brat Booth.


She started off as an unused (for many years) travel trailer.   Many hours were spent completely gutting her; fitting her with brand new insides including a double sink with water, new counters, floors and ceiling.   Serving “windows” were cut out of the sides and a large walk-in double door built into one end. She was painted in the Rotary colours of blue and gold.


She could be seen at many local events with Rotarians and spouses serving brats, hot dogs, hamburgers. The monies collected were then used to give back to our residents for much-needed financial assistance individually and to groups in need.


Following the summer season she was then towed back to be stored for the coming year.


Sadly to say she is now in need of major repairs and a decision has been made to take her out of service.    Our club will brainstorm and come up with a new and more modern format to once again be present at local events; to meet, to serve, to give back.


A big thank you to all of you who have faithfully made your way to our Brat Booth over all these years.

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