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Request for Funding


Request for Funding by Individuals or Family from The Rotary Club of Gravenhurst

Funding Request Form

Please see the form link above (Funding Request Form), print off, fill out and submit to a Rotary club member.


Request for Funding by Organizations or Groups from The Rotary Club of Gravenhurst

The Rotary Club of Gravenhurst will consider applications to fund local organizations, groups and events.  Please note that the committee meets monthly and requires time to process to review and process your request.

To submit a request, send an email to  including the following:

  • Contact Information: name, phone, email and address
  • Description of the request or event and/or organization this is for
  • What the funding will be used for
  • Why it is needed
  • What the total cost is and what exact amount you are requesting
  • List any other sources of funding or requests for funding from other organizations
  • Who will benefit and about how many individuals will benefit
  • Where the recipients of the funding live (town)
  • When the payment is required by