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Privacy Policy

effective October 2012

version 1

The Rotary Club of Gravenhurst knows you value the security of your personal information and therefore treats it with the same respect all Rotary Club members deserve. The information you provide us is held securely in trust and made available only to members of the Club, with an understanding it must not be shared outside the Club without your permission. Selected information, as outlined below, is shared with Rotary District 7010 and Rotary International.

We collect your name, your picture, partner name, birth date, place of birth, employer’s name, home and business addresses, home and business telephone numbers, fax number, email address, occupation, children’s names, business and fraternal contacts/interests, membership start date, membership classification, membership proposer and hobbies, for the following purposes:

  • to identify you as a member of the Club and its community of common interests
  • to facilitate easy communication among members as they fulfill committee and project assignments
  • to facilitate social introductions when Rotary members and their partners congregate at Club and other activities
  • to enable the announcement of individual member birthday and membership anniversary greetings at appropriate Club meetings
  • to contact you, from time to time, as required by Club business (for example delivery of the weekly bulletin)
  • to assist you to understand member areas of business and personal interest

We keep your personal information:

  • as long as you are a member of the Club
  • if you leave the Club
    • we will keep your personal information for one year
    • after one year, your personal information will be removed from our records, except your name and Rotary number
    • your name and Rotary number will remain on file to facilitate your return to the Club or to be used for historical archive purposes

We do not retain your banking information as part of your personal information.

We protect the Club Roster so it cannot and will not be used as a commercial mailing list, either by the Club or by any individual. We believe it is incumbent on all Rotarians to ensure it is not possible for anyone to use the Club Roster inappropriately.

The Rotary Club of Gravenhurst web site collects no personal information and does not use cookies. Our web site does not show member personal information, but does provide contact information, as appropriate, for Club business.

How Do We Use And Disclose Personal Information? We will keep your personal information stored securely on our system and will not release it to any third party without your prior consent. You will be asked to provide a user ID and a password which you will need to access your personal information or use any features on the website. You will not be placed on any third party mailing lists. None of your personal information will ever be shared, rented, sold or otherwise released to any third party.

The Club does not share your personal information with any third party, except:

  • District 6330 receives your email address so District 6330 electronic newsletters can be shared with you
  • Rotary International receives your name, your gender, membership start date and your home address
  • another Rotary Club, only if you transfer to that Rotary Club
  • as required by law, government institutions, legal authorities or others who have asserted lawful authority to obtain the information

The following has been taken from the Rotary International (RI) Privacy Policy and describes the way RI uses your personal information:

RI Collection and Use of Personal Membership Data

As part of its effort to assist clubs and districts and facilitate communication with Rotarians, Rotary International collects personal information about Rotary club members to be used solely for the purpose of conducting the following core business activities:

  • Billing
  • Supporting The Rotary Foundation
  • Identifying prospective candidates for presidential and Foundation appointments to conferences, RI and The Rotary Foundation committees, task forces, and other assignments
  • Tracking membership trends, developing membership characteristics, producing demographic analysis, and supporting membership retention
  • Identifying Rotarians who have specific language and/or professional skills
  • Providing information and updates to district chairs and others involved in RI programs and service projects
  • Supporting The Rotarian and the regional magazines
  • Providing guidance to clubs and districts in their public relations efforts
  • Communicating key organizational messages and information to district leaders for dissemination at the club level
  • Facilitating convention and special event planning

At the direction of the RI Board of Directors, RI may occasionally participate in special advertising and/or marketing initiatives that involve the release of membership information. RI will notify Rotarians about these initiatives and give them the opportunity to decline to participate. Rotary International may also disclose information as required by law or if pertinent to judicial or governmental investigations.

Your consent to sharing your personal information, except your age, with the members of the Club, District and RI is implied by your membership (continued membership) in the Club.

RI has provided an opt out process for those members who do not wish RI to publish their personal information to third party organizations. Your implied consent for RI to provide your personal information to third party organizations will remain in place until such time as the Club Secretary receives your instructions to opt out.

You can review or correct your personal information by signing onto the ClubRunner web site, or asking the Club Secretary to assist you, if you are not able to use the ClubRunner website.

The Privacy Officer will be asked to serve at the pleasure of the Club Board of Directors and report only to the Board. The Privacy Officer will be appointed to serve a one year term by each new Board at the beginning of each new Rotary year. The Privacy Officer’s role will be to administer the Club Privacy Policy and to help the Board ensure the privacy of Club members’ personal information.

You should bring any personal information privacy issues to the attention of the Privacy Officer who will help develop a resolution for you. If a resolution cannot be found, you should appeal to the Club President who will form a committee, from the Board of Directors, to deal with and resolve your appeal.

From time to time we may add, change, or remove portions of this Privacy Policy when we feel it is appropriate to do so. Whenever we update this Policy we will change the date and the version number on the Policy to indicate when the changes were made, and communicate the changes to the Club at large.

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