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Latest news from the Pathway Project

4adae0b9-244e-4768-bb70-6c06d1b640efWork continues on with our Rotary Pathway project and there was work done last week.   No pictures to report however we still have pics below from previous work parties 🙂

Barb was pleased to have Nancy Siemms, Jim Goodwin, Dick Augustine and Jack Young come out Thursday, September 11th to work some more on the names to be ready for more production when Brian returns.   A cold windy day outside but lots got done inside.


The cement mixer was going full blast when Doug Tanner and Enno Hoekstra kept it filled with the combination of cement, sand and water….in the background Brian Ferguson can be seen pouring the cement mixture into the premade forms, where they sit for about 2 hours until ready to do the lettering.   Brian does the lettering and then hands the letter forms back to the other team who then remove the letters, clean them and use them for more stones.   It is an interesting and great “hands on” project and we encourage any Rotarians who would llike to come out and lend a hand to contact Brian for times and manpower needed.    Also we are thankful for the participation of fellow Rotarians who are attending the Farmers Market and helping to spread the word out in the community.    Good luck to everyone selling these stones as they are selling well and it is a great fundraiser for our Rotary Club.






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