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January’s OPP Officers of the Month

Our Gravenhurst Rotary Club is honoured to recognize three OPP Officers for their excellent police work in our area.

Photo shows PC Gregg Napper and PC Samantha Bigley (missing is PC Marleigh Gilbert)

janofficersIn November PCs Napper and Gilbert were conducting a RIDE programme in Bracebridge when an approaching vehicle suddenly turned around and headed in the opposite direction.  The officers were able to stop the vehicle and question the driver and four occupants.  As a result break-in tools, disguises and a large number of transport truck keys and key blanks were discovered.  All five occupants were subsequently arrested for possession of break-in tools and conspiracy to commit an indictable offence.  All five were from the Brampton area and were to appear in court in early January.

PCs Napper and Gilbert are to be commended and recognized for their keen observation skills and outstanding investigative efforts that literally stopped the would be criminals in their tracks  before they could victimize honest business owners in Muskoka.

In October PC Samantha Bigley in her role as High School Liaison officer learned of a possible internet luring incident that had occurred at a local secondary school.  The teenage complainant reported that they had accepted a Facebrook “friend request” from a person they believed was a young female.  This female had requested that they meet in a local residential area and tried to convince the complainant to openly expose himself to her in a public place.  The male complainant became suspicious and contacted police.

Through the course of the investigation PC Bigley completed a production order for computer records and IP address of the fictitous facebrook profile of the suspect. As a result of this she completed a second production order for the subscriber information from the internet provider.   The suspect was later identified as a young male student from the same high school was subsequently arrested and charged with child luring for sexual purposes.   Identifying suspects in these types of “cyber-crimes” is often difficult due to their complexity.  PC Bigley is to be commended for her investigative skills in preparing the production orders, identifying and bringing the suspect to justice.

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