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Rotary TV Bingo

July 17, 2014 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
On Cogeco TV 10

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  1. We have a question about winning tv bingo and collecting the money from the bank in Gravenhurst. The envelope did not have the amount I won inside..200 was one and 77 was paid out ? That doesn’t even make sense with any other winners that may have been called in .. far as I could see as well as my daughter as witness there was only one winner and even if there was two winners both would have received $100 each where did the 77 come from and even at three winners would have been $66 so I’m a bit confused of this pick up your self without being able to talk to someone about the winning please contact me 705 646 3908

    • I’ve forwarded your message onto the Bingo Chairperson. He will contact you. It’s not unusual for us to pay out more than what is due on a win simply because we don’t always have the change to pay out the exact amount and in these cases we often round up. However $77 I’m scratching my head over. please be sure to have the date of your game as well as the game number in question so that we can investigate how many winners and the prize money. You will never be advised on air how many winners there were in a game. Often people figure they can determine this by the winner pop-ups, however we don’t always provide that in every case. If a winning card number is duplicated or if there are two winners in the same household or venue. It’s not necessary for us to show on air each winning card number. We have at all times a list of every possible winning card number. What we are legally required to do is to keep all winning cards after paid out which we do.

      We can determine without that if the card number is a winner or not. We also do not provide over the phone how many winners there are. A call can come in after we state this which generates conflict. As well there is a 7 second delay from what actually happens in the TV studio and what you see because of a CRTC law that mandates this. We can be on the phone with another winner and you don’t get to see it.

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